Zulu - Way Of The Zulu [Tape]

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Zulu - Way Of The Zulu
100 Only 9-Track Tape From Zulu

1. Do You Recognise
2. Sistine Chapel
3. Now That We Are Here
4. Bloody & Rare
5. The Book
6. We're Watching You
7. Incarcerated For Thrills
8. Wir Kinder
9. Zombie

"Way Of The Zulu’s 15 minute running time is packed with more discordant and electrifying moments" - Abeano

"The nine-track release is full of exhilarating wig outs and stoner pop anthems" - Sexbeat

"Yet despite this apparent nihilistic craziness, the songs are played with a purpose and precision that contributes to the searing energy throughout" - 405

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