Ku Klux Glam - Album Sampler [Tape]

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Ku Klux Glam - Album Sampler
100 Only Numbered 20-Track Sampler Tape From Ku Klux Glam w/ Poster Art


1. Desperation Passion (coda)
2. Dutch Me
3. No Zipper
4. Come My Way
5. Whunt 12 For 3
6. Cherry Baby Come Out 2 Night
7. Desperation Passionate
8. Lo-Fi No Cry
9. Fader Masturbater
10. Jacuzzi Spa
11. Stevie Pink Javascript
12. Carmen Come On
13. Haunted Graffridgerator
14. Bar-B-Cutie Klux Clamsauce
15. Doldreams
16. I Hope That U Remember
17. What Else Am I Not Supposed To Do
18. Sacred Snow
19. Desperation Passionrose Serge

"Dutch Me finds the two in a karaoke lounge duet set to cheap drum machines and cheesy synth strings, while the guitar jangle and vocal harmonies of “Come My Way” recall pre-Help! Beatles singles. Even more exciting is when the album strays from pop further into the tape-warped territory of Pink and Moore's solo releases" - Prefix

"L.A. weird-pop scene leader Ariel Pink's collaboration with one of his major influences, the lo-fi figurehead R. Stevie Moore" - Pitchfork

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